Comissioning or buying an existing  painting and second rights usage.

If you're interested in either commissioning a new artwork, using the second rights to an artwork for your own use or purchasing an existing painting, please don't hesitate to get in contact using the details on the contact page. I'm always happy to discuss any of these options and arrange a quote, either  by phone or email.  With new commissions  I'm happy to arrange a meeting in person at a convenient time and location with you to discuss your ideas if you would prefer.



When meeting to discuss a new commission  I will take notes and use these to help me come up with my initial sketches and  ideas. I welcome and are happy to use any photographic reference material the client wants me to refer to. I may also need to take my own reference shots either at the meeting or I can return to do this at a later date. I then come up with  ideas and colour sketches  which I  show the client and can then fine tune. This all helps to make sure the ideas I'm creating are heading in the right direction before starting the final artwork.



Turning the initial sketch ideas and colour visuals into a finished full size artwork can take several weeks. This is the most rewarding part of the job working with pencils an airbrush and very fine paintbrushes and light fast designers gouache on an illustration board to create a finished artwork.. 



Once I am completely happy with the finished painting, it is photographed for my own records, I contact the client to let them know the  artwork  is ready and arrange a meeting to hand this over...Hopefully they are delighted with the results...